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One autumn night

One weekend, just before Christmas, Cristina decided to make a warm garment for her daughter Claudia to make sure she stayed tucked up during the night. Her daughter was almost two years old and she moved around so much during the night that it was impossible to keep her tucked in. The garment brought with it a tremendous change for the whole family; Claudia stayed snug and began to sleep through the night; and mum and dad felt rested and full of energy from that day on.

Not long after, Cristina met Mari, an expert in fashion design, and their shared enthusiasm led them to create Norkid.
Little by little we have grown and we are now a multidisciplinary team with a passion for helping children sleep.

Our aim is to meet the great demand of all the parents with the same needs. It doesn’t matter which option families choose regarding sleep, whether in separate rooms or cosleeping: a peaceful and deep night’s sleep is guaranteed.

Claudia is older now and she still has her Norkids. She thinks that when she has her own children, she won’t find a better duvet for them. She is very involved in the Norkid project and collaborates whenever she can.

We would like to thank the children – Marta, Laura and Nico – and their parents for taking part in the ‘Big Animals Autumn-Winter 2017-18’ photo session and our thanks goes also to Claudia.


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