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Norkid is the first and only children’s duvet with an adapted design. It allows total freedom of movement and keeps your child covered all night long.

NORKID is a registered design. Its innovative design and the materials used make it a unique way to solve the problem of children kicking off their covers during the night. 



Children kick off their covers for two main reasons: because they move around a lot and/or because they get hot during the night.

Norkid solves the first problem. Your child can move around during the night and stay covered. You and Norkid can solve the second problem. Here are some tips you may find useful.

- Make sure you know the temperature of the bedroom your child sleeps in before choosing the type of filling for your Norkid. All of our products state the recommended filling type according to the temperature of your child’s bedroom.

- We recommend wearing light clothing when using Norkid, such as underwear and a thin cotton T-shirt. Children love the sensation of Norkid’s soft fabric on bare legs. They feel free and light.

- Remember that children tend to sweat during the first two hours of sleep. This is because the house is still warm when they go to bed and when children fall asleep, their bodies relax and release energy until reaching a state of deep sleep. At that point, their body temperature starts to drop until it reaches a constant temperature.

We recommend not zipping Norkid up completely when your child goes to bed. A good solution is only zipping Norkid up to your child’s waist, then after the first phase of sleep, you can zip it right up, ready for the rest of the night. 


The ideal temperature for sleeping under covers is between 17 and 18ºC.

Our bodies need to be in an environment of 27ºC when we sleep. This means that when the room temperature is lower, we need covers to keep our bodies warm. If we put a thermometer underneath our covers when we sleep, we would see that the temperature is approximately 27ºC.

Why is it not recommended to sleep with the heating on? Heating alters the humidity levels in a room and as a result, we are more likely to catch respiratory-related illnesses. During the night, our skin dries out as well as our mouths and noses because our body goes for several hours without any form of hydration. Keeping the heating on above 18ºC during the night is not good for our health. Wrapping up with a duvet is the healthiest solution.

So when should we put the heating on at night? It is only advisable to keep the heating on at night in places that are very cold and damp where the temperature at night at home drops to 16ºC or less or when there is a baby in the house, when the temperature should be 21ºC day and night.


From approximately 2 to 5/6 years old. Once the baby phase is over, toddlers start a new developmental phase and freedom of movement is vital so that their bodies, balance and coordination progress satisfactorily. Tucking them up under lots of layers is not advisable because it limits movement and they can overheat. Norkid is designed for toddlers who are walking confidently and the recommended age is from two years onwards. It is important to consult the CALCULATE YOUR SIZE section to see whether your child can start to use NORKID.


Use it like a normal duvet. The first time you use it, your child can get inside it while lying in bed. Ideally, your child should play for a while, rolling around and wearing light clothing. Your child should go to sleep as they wish, and preferably with Norkid zipped up to the waist. Once they are asleep, you can put them inside Norkid and zip it up. With Norkid, your child does not need to wear heavy pyjamas and you should never cover them with a blanket or duvet. Norkid is a duvet.


It’s very important to consult the CALCULATE YOUR SIZE section to know which size is suitable for your child.


Your child’s feet will not slip out while sleeping.


Your child’s shoulders and the upper part of their arms will be covered by Norkid. Only their forearms might be uncovered depending on their sleeping position.

Thermoregulation in humans divides the body in two parts: the central part or nucleus which produces heat and the superficial or peripheral part (skin and extremities) which regulate heat loss. The balance between these two areas is what produces a stable body temperature. The parts of our body like our face, our hands, and our forearms are perfectly protected if the rest of our body stays warm and stable and the room temperature is the right one for sleep.

If you choose the weight of your Norkid taking into account the temperature of your child’s bedroom, you will provide ideal protection. The fact that your child’s forearms might, in certain positions, be uncovered while sleeping will not cause him or her to get cold. Also, children tend to adopt protective positions which keep them warm. It is an interesting fact that children at that age, although they are not able to cover themselves up if they get cold while asleep, are able to adopt positions which help them regulate their body temperature. With Norkid, if a particular night is colder than usual, your child will sleep on his or her front and, that way, will be completely covered.


We spend a third of our lives asleep and it is vital that sleep fulfils its role as a source of energy, health and well-being. Sleep is a vital necessity and repairs us; a good sleep every night means that our organism will recover physically and mentally.

Children need to sleep well every night in order to properly process all the information they are acquiring while learning. Children who sleep well are more alert and have better reflexes, they have a higher ability to concentrate and they regulate their emotions better and perform better at school. They are also less irritable because they are not as tired during the day.

So providing optimal conditions for them to sleep as much as they want is crucial for a child’s development. Giving them the opportunity to sleep enough and in the best way possible every night is giving your child the best shot at life.


Every family adopts the most comfortable and pleasant way of sleeping for them. The most important thing when we sleep is quality and quantity. Any method is good if the enjoyment and pleasure of sleeping is shared by all the family members.

A good night’s sleep has a great impact on the mood, attention span, learning and development of children. Sleeping right through the night with children is a challenge.

With Norkid, children can sleep however they like; alone or with their parents. Many families cosleep with Norkid and they enjoy the security of sleeping together without worrying about their children kicking off the covers.


Wash: Cool wash. Short spin.

Drying: Drying naturally is recommended, outside. The synthetic fibre filling is delicate and should not be subjected to high temperatures.

Do not iron.
Do not dry clean.
Do not soak.
Do not tumble dry.
Keep away from fire.